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Anglo-Japanese Society of Wessex

An Unincorporated Association

Honorary Patrons:
Kazue Yanagida, Aisa Ijiri, George Logan (Dr Evadne Hinge), Michael Soumei Coxall

Japan Representative:
Kazue Yanagida

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Special Advisor:
Jackie Wright

Godfrey King

Web Site:
Steve Rice

Established 1996

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What we do



柳田 和江(名誉パトロン)AJSW日本代表

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Japanese Cultural Activities

Contact us for advice and application of

Japanese Traditional and Modern events involving demonstrations of

such as Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony,Origami, Ikebana, Japanese Dancing,

Taiko Drumming, Martial Arts etc, 

Traditional Japanese Instruments: Koto, Shakuhachi, Shamisen etc  

Film and TV performers, Function and Promotional Ladies in Kimono,

Japanese Models for Photographic and Fashion events,

Voice Overs, Modern Entertainment Rock and Pop  

for Theatre (Drama / Music etc), Private Functions / Banquets, Outdoor Events,

Some of our exponents:- 

The Anglo-Japanese Collective

The Anglo-Japanese Collective are a society group featuring various talented musicians playing traditional Japanese music on traditional instruments. From time to time they will augment with other musicians and instruments to experiment with other types of music. The main instruments used are Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute), Koto (stringed instrument) and Shamisen (banjo type instrument).

Some of the musicians that have played for the AJC:

Michael Coxall (shakuhachi)

(click image to play video)
Michael Coxall (shakuhachi),
Kameyama Kono (koto), Naka Kaori (shamisen)

Chieko Mori (koto)

Yoshimi Nagata (koto)


Origami (paper folding), Ikebana (flower arranging), Calligraphy(Japanese character writing), Tea ceremony (Chado), Sumo Wrestling, Geisha — these are a few of the many Japanese cultural activities and history that fascinate those intrigued by Japan..

We can organise for a Japanese evening including food and entertainment as well as Japanese hospitality ladies dressed in authentic Kimono. Japanese crafts including Sumi-e (Chinese ink painting), Roketsuzome (fabric dyeing), Ikebana (flower arranging) and Kamakura bori (the carving of wooden items to be lacquered later).

                                        The incredible Japanese Art of Taiko Drumming.

We have contacts with a number of groups. You are able to engage these groups and individuals through us at our contact address.

        Cultural visits (various artists)

We are able to provide presenters for themed events including corporate clients. As well as entertainers we can organize ladies in Traditional Costume / Kimono and 'Geisha style'. Also to demonstrate origami (paper models), tea ceremony, ikebana etc.

Now and then small- and large-scale children's and adults' groups come from Japan on cultural visits. They present traditional Japanese cultural activities such as tea ceremony (chado), flower arranging (ikebana) and traditional and modern music played on traditional instruments. Groups who visited during 2001/2 were the 20 piece shakuhachi & koto ensemble of Yoshio Hiratsuka and the Korei Hogakukai Foundation with 20 ikebana and tea ceremony masters, Japanese choir Nigawa Choeur Amitie, the koto, shamisen and shakuhachi ensemble Sosuikai led by Keiko Horita, Kaze-no-wa — a koto, shakuhachi, shamisen and voice ensemble, and the Kotohira High School Folk and Dance Group amongst others.

For further information please contact us.