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柳田 和江(名誉パトロン)AJSW日本代表

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'FILMAGIC' : Yuka Matsumoto - violin / Caroline Borkowska cello / Roksana Wawrzyniecka - piano

Fri Oct 26th 2012, 1:00–2:00 pm ◀ This event has finished
St Paul’s, Covent Garden ('The Actor's Church'), Bedford Street London, WC2E 9ED


The theme of the concert is film music including Roksana's own compositions as well as

by Japanese film music composers:- Ryuichi Sakamoto and Joe Hisaishi.

  1. Joe Hisaishi "Memory" (trio)
  2. Ryuichi Sakamoto "Rain" (trio)
  3. Roksana Wawrzyniecka "Bridge" (piano solo)
  4. Roksana Wawrzyniecka "Imagination" (piano solo)
  5. Roksana Wawrzyniecka "Space" (piano solo)
  6. Roksana Wawrzyniecka “Mourning” (trio)
  7. Ryuichi Sakamoto " Merry Christmas Mr Lawrance” (trio)
  8. Roksana Wawrzyniecka “Trust" (piano solo)
  9. Roksana Wawrzyniecka “Past” (piano solo)

10. Roksana Wawrzyniecka “Progress” (piano solo)
11. Joe Hisaishi “Summer” (trio)
12. Roksana Wawrzyniecka “Heron” (piano solo)
13. Roksana Wawrzyniecka "Transition"(piano solo)
14. Roksana Wawrzyniecka "Train” (trio).

Artist info:-

Yuka Matsumoto

Yuka Matsumoto made a highly successful concerto debut in London in 2008, performing the Beethoven Concerto with the Southbank Sinfonia. She lives in London but was born in Japan where she began to learn the violin at the age of three. After studies at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music with Kazuki Sawa, Yuka moved to London in 2003 to study with Yossi Zivoni at the Royal College of Music. She graduated from RCM in 2007 with a bachelor of Music degree (first class) and the Jacqeline Ward Memorial Prize. After graduate RCM, she moved to Germany to study with Grigori Zhislin at the Hochschule für Musik in Würzburg.

From autumn 2009, she decided to come back to London for a Masters degree at the RCM with Levon Chilingirian and graduated with distinction in 2011. In 2006, Yuka was a prize-winner in the String Section of the Tunbridge Wells International Young Concert Artists Competition and then, in June 2007, she won the title of “Royal College of Music String Player of the Year”.

She loves playing chamber music and has worked with lots of musicians. Since 2010, she has been a member of the Hera Quartet. She has appeared at numerous venues including the Wigmore Hall, Kings Place, Musée d'Orsay, Casals Hall and Yokohama Minatomirai Hall.


Caroline Borkowska

Caroline Borkowska was born and grew up in Poland. She has been playing the Cello since the age of 15 and also plays the Piano. In 2003 she completed her postgraduate studies in Cello Performance at Bydgoszcz Academy of Music. Caroline has built a successful career as a professional cello teacher in The School of Music in Inowroclaw.

She plays an old Polish hand-made cello. Full of enthusiasm and energy, endowed with great musical sensitivity, she treats cello playing as a lifelong passion and challenge.


Roksana Wawrzyniecka

Roksana Wawrzyniecka is a Polish pioneer composer and pianist with over 20 years of experience. She studied piano with Aleksiej Kosenko (Stanislav Neyhaus assistant in Moscow). She was granted the Merit scholarship whilst completing her Masters Degree in Szczecin University in Poland. Along with active piano performing she started accompanying silent movies at film festivals. This unique experience inspired her to make her first steps into the film music world. By the end of her degree she recorded Brahms Intermezzos from op 117. It was her farewell with classical music and Poland.

In 2003 she immigrated to the UK and established her career in London. She worked as a piano teacher and accompanist in many schools across this international city. In her spare time she started experimenting with composition and jazz. Her compositions have become so outstanding it is difficult to classify them stylistically. She personalized her style even more by regular meditations and jazz classes in Goldsmith College. In 2009 she wrote music for the theatre show “Pinter & Crissis" for Carboard Citizenns in London.

At the moment she is completing her second music degree and a few experimental music projects. In 2011 she completed BMus in piano performing and production in Middlsex University (Lccm).

Venue: St Paul’s, Covent Garden ('The Actor's Church')

St Paul’s, Covent Garden (photo: Steve Cadman)

St Paul’s Church dates back the 1630s, and was the first entirely new church to be built in London since the reformation. It is widely known as the Actors’ Church due to its long-standing connections with local theatres, including the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane and the Covent Garden Theatre (now the Royal Opera House). In Samuel Pepys’ diary, the church is mentioned as the venue of London’s first ever Punch and Judy show.

Nearest Tube stations: Leicester Square and Covent Garden


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