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Anglo-Japanese Society of Wessex

An Unincorporated Association

Honorary Patrons:
Kazue Yanagida, Aisa Ijiri, George Logan (Dr Evadne Hinge), Michael Soumei Coxall

Japan Representative:
Kazue Yanagida

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Special Advisor:
Jackie Wright

Godfrey King

Web Site:
Steve Rice

Established 1996

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What we do



柳田 和江(名誉パトロン)AJSW日本代表

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PDF File Download membership form (PDF file; 846 KB)

Yearly membership of the society runs from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022. Members wishing to join in the 4th quarter (Sept.–Dec. 2022) will not be expected to renew in the following January.

The subscription rates for becoming a member of the society are as follows:

Individual Member
£10.00 per annum. (£5.00 for OAPs, students, unemployed)
Family Membership
£15.00 per annum (£10.00 if living with a Japanese partner)
Japanese University/College Students living abroad but in temporary UK residence
A once-only fee of £8.00 for up to three years (normal course duration)
Overseas rates
£5.00 opting for email information only.
£8.00 requesting information by post
Corporate Rate
£50.00 free advert on our web site. Mail out to up to 10 designated employees (subject to negotiation)
Special Rates
by arrangement (Life Membership etc)

Your membership entitles you to:

  • Information on events as and when they are available by post or email.
  • Reduced rates members may subsequently be entitled to.
  • Information service and help with anything within the society’s objectives.
  • Consideration to become a society advisor should any vacancy become available.
  • Priority for Professional Japanese (or Japanese orientated) Musicians and Entertainers.

N.B.: The society is a Unincorporated Association organized under the responsibility of a ‘Director’ (Godfrey King) supported by annually designated ‘Advisors’ and ‘Panels’ under the patronage of a Patron, Hon. Patron and President. A list of the administrators may be obtained on request. Views and requests are welcome. The objectives of the society are comprehensive and dedicated to cultural understanding between the two countries (UK/Japan) be it by information, events, cultural demonstrations, entertainments etc. Funds are raised by membership, funding applications, obtaining employment for Japan orientated entertainers/cultural presenters and by any other reasonable means that may arise from time to time. Administrators of the society are unpaid beyond reasonable expenses for which a checking procedure exists, as are all transactions and expenditures. Funds raised are for the support of the society.

The administration of the society reserves the right to refuse or withdraw membership to the society.

Godfrey King (Director)

What we do

Since 1996, the Anglo-Japanese Society of Wessex has been promoting Japanese culture and Japanese artists in events throughout the Wessex region (which extends from the south west of England as far as Southwark in London).

We aim to further mutual awareness through the promotion and organising of our own events and of others including helping to provide information linking members and the public with other organizations sharing the same ideals. We represent a number of Japanese and Japanese orientated entertainers and cultural presenters for the theatre, festivals and clubs, and cultural presenters for educational establishments etc. We seek to serve all aspects of Anglo-Japanese affairs in the region and beyond, and welcome your enquiries. We are a voluntary organization and all funds raised go into society funds. Corporate, Arts organizations, and individual funding will be welcome as well as membership enquiries.

Now in our 17th year, we have taken part in many memorable events that can be found in our events archive.

Since the move to London in 2004 the AJSW has organized several hundred concerts in London alone. Currently our Wednesday lunchtime concerts at St. Sepulchre, the Musicians Church on Holborn Viaduct (near St. Pauls Cathedral) frequently feature Japanese musicians who are some of the cream of Japanese classical young musicians visiting or residing in the UK bringing wonderful memories of great concerts and fond friendships.These concerts also involve musicians from all over the world.

In more recent years we have developed our own groups featuring musicians who have played recitals for us with the piano groups '4Tune' (4 hands on 2 piano), 'Inzpir8tion' (8 hands on 2 pianos) and the 'AJSW Chamber Music Ensemble' as well as the traditional Japanese music and instrument group 'The Anglo-Japanese Collective'.

We also help to arrange cultural presentations by Japanese performers and cultural events for organisations including corporate functions. Our growing links enable us to organise almost everything Japanese.